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Cancer Breakthrough

Sometimes the big breakthroughs are not new drugs or devices; not new ways to detoxify or nourish; not new immune stimulants like vaccines or mushrooms ... sometimes the new breakthroughs are insights into the way things work.

Breakthrough in Understanding

Galileo invented nothing when he observed that the Sun is the center of our planetary system, yet this observation led to his general theory of relativity, which inspired Einstein’s special theory of relativity, which in turn gave us digital photography, high-definition television, global-positioning systems, night-vision goggles, solar panels, etc.

Immunology Breakthrough

Dr Polly Matzinger’s breakthrough understanding of the way our immune system works (the Danger Model), like Galileo’s general theory of relativity, has led to invention; innovations in clinical practice have resulted in better strategies for transfusions, transplants, and cancer treatment.

What "Danger" means to cancer management (in lay language)

You can clean yourself out and build yourself up as much as possible, but your cancer will just get cleaner and stronger along with the rest of you.

You can amplify and stimulate your immune system as much as possible; in fact, you can shoot it out of a cannon or rocket it into space, but it will just fly right past your cancer; it won’t even see it.

You can bomb, strafe or nuke your cancer until it is undetectable, but if you did not clean yourself out and build yourself up, and if you did not amplify and stimulate your immune system, your cancer will come back like an invasion of vampires.

To create sufficient immune memory for a durable remission, your immune system needs to be involved in clearing your cancer, so it needs to be big and strong.

Your tumor-infiltrated tissue needs to call your immune system for help and tell it what kind of help it needs, so it needs to be clean and well-nourished.

Your immune system needs to see your cancer, so your cancer has to be wounded periodically (your immune system homes in on wounds).

"Danger" means better cancer outcomes using off-the-shelf materials and common sense.

Coley Fluid &

Gerson's Cancer Diet

Download free pdfs of these great lectures.

Case outcomes of a methodology based on Matzinger's Danger Model.

A Medical Application of Matzinger's Danger Model: Coley's Cancer Vaccine

Practice of Gerson's diet therapy in neoplastic diseases: A tissue-centric nutritional immunotherapy that anticipated Matzinger's Danger Model with its tissue-based effector class control

Remission of dangerous and bulky disease has been achieved with very small amounts of cytotoxic agents and minimal toxicity. Read these lectures for evidence of remarkable case outcomes, and for an in-depth introduction to modern medicine’s original forms of immunotherapy, Coley Fluid and Gerson’s dietotherapy. Learn about the empowering vision of the most eclectic immunologist of our era, Dr Polly Matzinger, and her Danger Model. Our recognition of the enormous potential of immunotherapy will free us from the “War on Cancer” mindset. More importantly, use of the immune system to clear cancers will lead to more durable remissions because the immune system learns and remembers its foes.

We would like to offer you a special gift just for being interested in our work. Christeene Hildenbrand wrote, compiled, and edited a patient instruction manual originally called The Gerson Primer. It has been such a popular manual that it has popped up on a number of website’s bookstores. But, because it is in the public domain, and because our Gerson Research Organization is a tax-exempt, nonprofit corporation, we have decided to make it available to you at no charge. So here it is, with all the original cancer diet and detox instructions, the old and new recipes, and lots of updates. Please enjoy it.

Nutritional Immunotherapy Home Guide

And finally, please visit our partnering oncological practice of Playas de Tijuana, Mexico: http://www.standrewsclinic.com

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